Television: Preacher 1.2-1.4

Still a bit behind, but just checking in regarding this show, which I have to say: I'm really enjoying it.

Let me reiterate that I have only a passing familiarity with the comic books. I read a couple, I think, way back when. But I find comics difficult to keep up with. They demand too much from me in terms of time and money, and for me those cons outweigh the potential pros.

But anyway. I find the television show to be tightly written and well paced. Characters are interesting, and while the show is tense (and intense), there's a weird thread of levity that passes through it, too, balancing it very carefully. It's the kind of highwire act that causes one to wonder whether it can be sustained, but so far so good.

The nexus of the story is that Jesse, a small-town Texas preacher, has been . . . infected? . . . with some kind of demon that allows him to make people do whatever he tells them. Meanwhile, a couple heavenly agents have arrived to get said demon back. Sidekicks include a vampire and Jesse's friend Tulip who keeps trying to get him to . . . go back to some ass-kicking lifestyle they had before Jesse came home to take up his father's mantel as preacher. (If anything in the show has the potential to wear thin, it will be this ongoing argument of Tulip begging Jesse and him saying no.)

Preacher feeds us flashbacks in just the right mouthfuls and keeps things moving at an interesting clip. Still, it's intense enough that I can only watch one at a time. I'm sure others could binge without problem, but I need to unwind after each episode. It's dark—but not too dark. Sort of like a moonless night filled with stars.

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