Food: Dang! Red Cream Soda

Came across this at the store the other day. They were selling it by the bottle, so I thought I'd try one. Big Red is, to my mind, THE "red cream soda," but it's hard to come by where I currently live, so I hoped this one might do the trick.

Dang! has its sugar content turned up to 11, so to speak. It's really something for me to comment on how sweet a drink is considering I usually am the one to love things other people tell me are too sweet. Dang! isn't too sweet for me, but it's noticeably sweeter than pretty much anything else I've drank in recent memory. And that includes milkshakes (though those are a different kind of sweet, really).

It doesn't have the bubblegum flavor I associate with Big Red, the flavor I really look for in a red cream soda. I guess nothing is ever going to have that signature taste, though a few have come close. Dang! has a hint of it, but the sweetness is the overpowering factor in this soda. It tastes good; it's more than a simple cream soda, and I'd drink more of it. But it can't hold a candle to my Big Red.

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