Concert: Rob Thomas & Counting Crows at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA)

Or: Partying Like It's 1996

I go see Rob pretty much any time he's within driving distance, and my husband is a big Counting Crows fan, so this concert was custom made for us.

The show started with K Phillips, someone I wasn't familiar with, but I did enjoy his music. Definitely showed his Nashville and Austin influences.

Rob's set was mostly older stuff; the only song he did from the newest album was the latest single "Pieces." I was sort of sorry about that because I really like The Great Unknown. At the same time, however, this concert reminded me how long it's been since I listened to the other two albums and how much I like those as well.

He played "Unwell," which is a great song, but I kind of wish he'd do "Dizzy" instead. I feel like those two songs have the same sentiment behind them, but "Dizzy" is the better of the two in that it cuts closer to the bone. (Wouldn't say no to "Here Comes Horses" either, Rob, next time you're in town.)

And while I'm addressing you directly, Rt, you can stop telling that same "Smooth" story now. We all know it.

But you're looking fit, and we love you, and speaking of looking well, Adam Duritz also seemed in good spirits. This was my third time seeing him and Counting Crows in concert, and the best time. Adam had good energy. Lots of cuts from the latest album, and of course all the favorites. There was also the obligatory moment in which they were all on stage together, singing "Holiday In Spain" and "Rain King" to finish things out. It's cliché, but no less fun for all that. Adam and Rob singing together met expectations yet somehow also seemed to exceed them in that it was better than it had any right to be.

As far as stagecraft, I'd call this simple but effective. I enjoyed the pseudo-cityscape of lights in Rob's set. It was interesting to watch them turn the stage over for Counting Crows; they had it down to a science but it still took a while, and they were loading some things directly into the truck. This tour must be a bruiser. Counting Crows had a panel of lights behind them, and they were used to good effect along with the usual spots.

Overall, one of the better shows, and I like Shoreline as a venue, though it more or less looks like dozens of other similar places. It was a great night.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

Sounds like a fun time out. I need to get to some concerts.