Movies: Keanu

I went into this having only ever seen one Key & Peele sketch that I honestly hadn't thought was all that funny. I went in knowing it had something to do with them wanting their cat back. And that was the extent of any preconceptions I had before watching this movie.

With that in mind, Keanu was a cute movie. I love cats, after all. I didn't love the tension surrounding the cat however. While I knew nothing bad was actually going to happen to the cat, even the potential for the cat to be harmed really bothered me. This cute little kitten in all these stressful scenarios—I didn't like it.

Still, the movie had funny moments. The George Michael thing. (Faith was the first CD I bought secretly because I knew my parents didn't want me to have it, so I have a soft spot for that album and George Michael in general.) I liked that there were actual consequences to their actions. The romance was there but not egregious. (I did have issues with the wife getting turned on by the bad boy thing, though; why do we insist on perpetuating that? And why did the wife get boiled down to a sexual object?)

I feel as though, intentionally or not, there is a commentary on class and society in this film. Two middle-class black men playing gangster, and they ways they change their dialogue and behavior in order to "fit in" . . . I'm sure it's the kind of thing students will be able to pick apart and write papers on.

In short, it's a solid little movie, though nothing I need to watch again. I would, however, watch more Key & Peele.

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