Podcasts: Radiolab

I'll admit I don't listen to this one consistently. I only cue it up if the topic sounds interesting. The figure skating one was good, and the one about the girl who doesn't exist (which even mentioned Georgetown, Texas, my old stomping grounds!), and the one about the buried bodies . . . And then I listened to "Playing God," and wow. So tough to listen to, but really one to make you think about how we as society deal with major problems and come up with solutions. When there's no "right" answer, and every possible answer has something wrong with it, how do you decide?

In short, Radiolab tells really interesting stories that pose complicated questions. It's designed to make you think. It's the kind of podcast you want others to listen to so you can have long discussions about the subjects.

I don't subscribe to many podcasts and only listen to them while out for my daily walk, but I'm always open to suggestions. Pitch me something cool to add to my playlist!

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