Television: Very British Problems

This show from the UK is now finally available on Netflix here in the States and it's a lot of fun. Think of it as people-watching, but you're watching an entire culture. It's an anthropological experiment or something.

In truth, I identify with most of the VBPs because they're really kind of Very Introvert Problems as well. So when the show talks about the difficulties of interacting with, well, anyone ever, I definitely sympathize.

Added to the fun are the appearances by the likes of David Tennant, Catherine Tate, James Corden (to name the ones Americans might recognize), and others (that Americans are less likely to recognize but will still find amusing).

This is fluff television, something lightweight and undemanding for the nights when you're just too tired for anything that requires you to think or follow a plot. If you've exhausted House Hunters (is that even possible with so many different versions now?), you can turn to Very British Problems to fit the same bill.

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