Television: Elementary, "Pick Your Poison"

I watched this one a while back then promptly forgot about it. Television has just not been a huge part of my world lately.

So in this episode, Watson is accused of writing illegal prescriptions, which of course prompts her and Holmes to investigate who is really doing this. Yeah, she no longer practices medicine, but she keeps her license current, so she could technically be writing prescriptions? Anyway, the trail leads back to a doctor she used to work with way back when . . . This part of the story was actually kind of interesting, and I wouldn't have minded getting some insight and background into that part of Watson's life, but it was not to be. Said medical colleague is found murdered along with a patient and we get a story about Munchausen by proxy. It becomes immediately clear who the murderer is the moment we meet him, so the rest of the episode feels inevitable.

And then there's some more Shinwell stuff. OMG, come on. We weren't done with that? But okay, I will admit it's more tolerable now that we've got his gang thing out of the way and are moving into training him as a pseudo Irregular. That's a story arc that has potential.

In all, it wasn't a bad episode. I only worry it comes a bit late in the season to help the show overall. There's been an uneven start to things that makes it difficult to stay interested, and the ratings reflect as much. Unless something astounding happens, it seems likely this will be the final season. Let's hope the second half is stellar, if only to give us something good to remember it by.

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