Television: Twin Peaks, Parts 1 & 2

This show isn't made for me.

I kind of hoped it would be, but I knew it was a long shot.

You see, aside from a couple of key exceptions, I don't actually enjoy David Lynch's work. Those exceptions are the original Twin Peaks network series and Dune. Yes, really.

My theory is that I only like Lynch when he's being constricted or restrained in some way. Network television has a lot of rules. Dune was based on a book. But now that the Twin Peaks revival is on Showtime and no one is putting reins on Mr. Lynch . . . We get stuff I don't care for.

And that's me. Lots of people will surely love this. But I was falling asleep. It was slow, soporific, and IMHO pretty self-indulgent. As bizarre and disjointed as one would expect, but—for me, at least—not nearly as interesting.

I won't even try to recap it, it's such a scramble. Other sites have surely done that job anyway.

So yeah. Not for me. But if you like Lynch, you'll probably enjoy this too.


Christine Rains said...

I was a huge fan when the show originally came out. I had marathons watching all the episodes in a row. When I sat down with Keith a few years ago to watch them again, we couldn't get past the first episode. It is terribly slow.

M said...

Yes, I think with the rise of various forms of technology clamoring for our attention, our world has sped up and movies and television reflect that with shorter scenes and quick cuts. Lynch is still very much in old-school mode. His work was always a little slower than average, but now it feels utterly sluggish. I'm sure if I tried to re-watch the original series, I'd feel like you--that it was just too slow.

Nothing against those who love him and his work. Just not for me.