Television: Modern Family + Current Viewing Schedule

I have to say, all through last season I was on the fence about Modern Family. I had really enjoyed it previously, but then it lost some of its mojo. It wasn't making me laugh any more. But the two episodes that aired this week (which I only just caught up with via DVR) upped the game to the old levels. So it will stay on my roster for the time being.

So far, my season looks something like this:

Monday: Revolution
Tuesday: -
Wednesday: Modern Family
Thursday: The Office, 30 Rock, Elementary
Friday: -
Saturday: -
Sunday: -

Well, except I've been dabbling in Upstairs, Downstairs on Sunday nights. I also watch House Hunters as filler when I'm bored.

I had been watching Grimm for a while but lost track of it during the cross-country move. Didn't love it quite enough to invest the time in catching up.

I'm sticking out The Office because this is its final season. I started not really caring last season, and I find Andy Bernard truly obnoxious. But I do love seeing Catherine Tate on TV again.

30 Rock had begun to flag as well but has gone hilariously off the rails (on purpose) for its final episodes.

And I'm waiting for Smash to return. It's the show that I feel like I shouldn't enjoy as much as I do. (Is that the very definition of a "guilty pleasure"?)

What shows do you watch? Which are you close to dropping or which have you dropped already? And what are you eagerly awaiting?

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Christine Rains said...

Modern Family is really great so far this season. I thought they might jump the shark with Gloria having a baby, but it's turning out for the better. Supernatural is on Wednesdays at the same time, so I record Modern Family. Thursdays I watch The Big Bang Theory. That show so much more about the girls for me now. Then on Sundays The Walking Dead. I watched Grimm a bit in the summer, but I never got hooked.