Television: Revolution, "No Quarter"

Much better than last week's episode, in part because Charlie's earnestness was kept to a minimum and the flashbacks were about Miles and "Bass" (Monroe). Their story is so much more interesting than anything Charlie or her parents could offer . . . Though there's a chance Charlie's dad has something going on that we've yet to see.

It's true that Miles appears to be a kind of Standee version of the good-at-heart type who made some bad choices. Even his belt, which he wears like Han Solo or Robin Hood, gives off this devil-may-care (but I really do care, deep down) vibe. Still, Billy Burke brings all he has to the role, making it palatable and playable. In particular, I enjoyed his Stephen King references. Clearly Miles is a reader . . . of at least one author/genre.

Charlie really is the low point of the show. I can't decide if it's the way she's written (so zealous about family and doing the right thing; she has no depth or dimension aside from the fabricated need to protect and help, especially her brother, but really all of mankind), or if she's badly acted, or both. Someone needs to tone her down or scale her back or give her some real personality, because as it stands she's a kind of an annoying terrier nipping at her uncle Miles's heels. Maybe there will be a learning curve for her. Maybe this adventure is her country mouse learning about the real world. But right now it's just bleh.

Nice to see Danny do something for himself there, though. So far he's been mostly milquetoast, but he upped his game slightly last night.

Google guy and Maggie are doing their own thing, but though the time devoted to them was short, it was used well.

And who else enjoyed seeing Jacob from Lost back on the small screen? The potential triumvirate of him, Miles, and Monroe—their past and rise to power—has my attention more than anything else on the show.

So far, so good. I'll continue to watch despite Charlie. For now.


Christine Rains said...

Charlie was the key factor in ruining the show for me. I couldn't stand her. Plus her stalker and Danny.

Heh, Google guy. I can't remember his name either!

M Pepper Langlinais said...

I will deal with Charlie for the time being in the hopes that other characters will begin to crowd her out. "No Quarter" was a step in the right direction.