Television: November's Winners & Losers

Does anyone even watch FOX any more? I can't remember the last time I watched a show on that network. Maybe back when Bones was still good? Back when 24 was still on? Back when I still watched House (though I ditched those last few seasons) and American Idol? When The Simpsons was funny and sometimes even relevant?

I'm asking because FOX was fourth out of the four big networks in November sweeps. (Yes, I know November's not actually over, but for all intents and purposes, the numbers are in. As Thanksgiving gives way to holiday episodes and winter hiatuses, there is likely to be little change until after New Year's.)

NBC had been last for several years and hadn't been first in nine. But look at that Peacock strut. With powerhouse The Voice and new shows like Revolution pulling in the viewers, NBC has taken top spot in the 18-49 demographic.

CBS, meanwhile, has most overall viewers. Elementary has been relatively solid for the Eye—and CBS is giving it the sweet spot after the Superbowl, though I have to wonder at this counter-programming attempt because it seems a bit off the mark to me—and, really, CBS has all those other shows that the old folks at home so enjoy. 60 Minutes. That Hawaii 5-0 reboot. The Mentalist. All those CSI shows. Yeah, when I think of CBS, I pretty much think of my parents (who are closing in on retirement age) . . . I'm almost embarrassed to admit I watch a show on that network. Makes me feel like I'm getting old, too.

As for ABC, which came in third in 18-49 but second in total viewers (though virtually tied with NBC, so don't breathe too easy there, ABC) . . . Modern Family continues to top the ratings for Wednesdays, and shows like Once Upon a Time and Revenge also pull in good numbers. But new dramas like Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue fell flat and so were a bit of a drain on the network's momentum.

Of course the nets are also always battling that slow bleed toward cable. With so many more channels to choose from, the nets must fight ever harder to catch and hold viewers' attention.

I don't watch anything on FOX at the moment, but as we all know, this could change season by season. My viewing is split pretty evenly amongst the other three nets, plus FX's American Horror Story and HGTV's House Hunters. What do you watch? Network television or more cable shows? Which networks do you watch most often?

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