Books: Souls United by Ann Merivale

As a curiosity, I'm reading a book about the nature of soul mates and twin souls at the moment. Truthfully, the bulk of the book thus far is a number of anecdotes the author uses to illustrate the dynamics of twin souls. As someone rather new to this philosophy, I do find it interesting and informative. Merivale at least does a novice like me the service of defining a few terms: Companion Soul Mate, Karmic Soul Mate, and Twin Soul. Who knew there were so many?!

I've long been intrigued by these ideas, since the time I was about nine or ten and a fortuneteller told me I'd once been an Egyptian priestess for Bastet. Most of my life people have told me how I remind them of a cat, and many people call me "Kitty" even though it's not nearly my name, so to have this woman give me a connection to that was very striking. But I grew up in a strict religious household and did not have the freedom to explore the idea any further.

Even years later it would take me a long time to be comfortable enough to think about, read about, and now blog about such notions. I honestly don't know what I believe, though I've had psychic friends give me many interesting details about my past lives and such. And I come from a place where magic is a way of life for many, so . . .

Anyway. This book. I like that Merivale gives these definitions, and I'm enjoying the "case studies" (if that's what they are), though there are a lot of them, and I'd like to read about maybe some Twin Souls who weren't so mature and enlightened, who maybe faced real challenges in finding their stride, or some people who weren't very spiritual and then had this hit them like a train. But maybe this only shows that you have to be relatively enlightened to even find your Twin Soul . . . Well, and I'm only halfway through the book, so maybe these kinds of stories are coming and I just haven't gotten to them yet.

Merivale also throws out a lot of names and suggests a lot of books, and it's enough to make one's mind swim. I suppose I should make a list or something.

What I'll probably do after finishing this one (and I really am enjoying it, by the way) is go find some more introductory type material. (Well, I did read one very basic book but it was too basic, so maybe I'm an intermediate.) Really, Merivale makes me want to try some of this regression therapy or something. But at the same time I'm starting to feel like I'm teetering on the edge of a rabbit hole, and I have enough to worry about in life without thinking about other lives to boot.

Here's the thing, though: I think everyone's had at least one encounter in life where they instantly liked or disliked someone the moment they saw or met them. That weird little shock to the system when your eyes meet a stranger's. I guess it's nice to think that might have meaning, however small. I'm not 100% convinced, mind you, but I'm exploring the idea. Thinking about writing a novel with that as part of the premise.

As for the book, I'd recommend it, even if only for the inspirational aspect of the stories it contains. And maybe the second half of it will have more of the answers I seek; I shall read on and discover.

ETA: Actually, the very next chapter I read swerved into a study of twin souls in which one of the pair was unwilling to acknowledge the bond. And another chapter I just read was of twin souls in which one had a drinking problem, forcing the other to evacuate the relationship despite the strong bond. Interesting. Though in some instances I feel like there's an effort to use spirituality as an excuse for bad decisions.

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