"Featured Screenwriter"

I'm a featured screenwriter on the I.S.A. site at the moment. I don't know what that means, exactly, but it sounds nice.

It's tricky work. I've had some wins, some great feedback, but that doesn't actually make it any easier to break into the industry. You'd think the accumulation would add up to something (won this award, got that great coverage), but . . . So far it remains rather amorphous. So I keep dividing my time between the screen and the printed page. After all, some stories are better told one way than another. Though a few very good stories can be told lots of interesting ways . . .

It's easy to say, "What's a girl gotta do in this town?" but the truth is, in this kind of work, one never stops having to prove oneself. Know what you've signed up for!

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