iPhone 5

I got my iPhone 5 today. It's so light compared to my 4S that I'm almost afraid to handle it. I feel like I'm cradling a fragile baby bird every time I pick it up to use it.

Yes, I realize I'm behind. But I'm not the type to jump on the wagon the minute something gets churned out of the factory. I like to be sure the majority of the bugs are fixed first. And it's not such a necessity to me, having the latest thing. My 4S was working for me, so I waited until I was due for my upgrade before bothering to, well, upgrade.

And yes, I do also realize that if I'd waited a few months longer I might could have gone with the 6 or whatever it is they'll roll out next. But again, I don't care that much. Let everyone else queue up; I'm good with this.

My phone's name is Watson, and I enjoyed the seamless transfer from my old phone's backup. Everything is right where I'm used to it being. It's my old Watson in a lovely new body, I suppose.

Now I'm waiting for my new (personalized custom) iPhone case. I feel like Watson is a bit naked . . .

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