Television: Revolution, "Children of Men"

Wasn't that a movie with Clive Owen?

And whatever happened to Clive Owen anyway?

Rachel has gone into Monroe's tent armed with a grenade. Unfortunately, it fails to do any useful kind of damage. Like, you know, killing Monroe. And in a turn of events, Rachel's palm print is able to open The Tower whereas Randall Flynn's could not. Flynn blames Grace, who had been left at The Tower . . . Remember the Elevator of Doom?

But it's really Aaron from 24.

Anyway, Rachel has managed to make things worse instead of better. Just like she makes this show worse instead of better.

Miles & Friends have arrived at The Tower, too. Like a gossipy teenage girl, Neville is keeping track of who likes who: Jason and Charlie, Miles and Rachel.

Oh, and then they stumble across Aaron. (Not the one from 24.) Good work calling Neville a dick, though, that was kinda awesome in just how offhanded he was about the whole thing.

Speaking of the Elevator of Doom . . . Seriously, it's like one of those FPS video games. You know, like Doom.

Monroe, Rachel, Flynn and their extras are set upon by the Tower guards. Monroe and Rachel manage to lock themselves into a kind of presidential bunker, and she fails yet again to kill him. Meanwhile, Neville and Jason set up some kind of elaborate bomb in a tent? And Not-24-Aaron uses info from Dr. Warren's book to open The Tower so they can go in after Rachel (and Monroe and Flynn).

Are you with me so far?

Miles, His Aaron, and Charlie stumble upon the carnage and are faced with The Elevator coming their way.

And Monroe is desperate to get into a locked gun cabinet but Rachel refuses to help him because she blames him for Danny's death. (And not without reason.) This opens up "confession time" between Monroe and Rachel, and he admits he has a son, and that he worries what that son would think of him.

They're coil guns, btw, that use electromagnets instead of gunpowder. Miles, his Aaron, and Charlie (oh, and Nora, who I somehow totally missed earlier), are hiding from 24 Aaron's guys and trying to reach an armory that Miles's Aaron found on a map.

And Neville and Jason have been taken by Monroe's men. Neville has a chat with Riley (some guy who looks a lot like Rhys Coiro) and tries to incite riot, but Riley doesn't buy it. At first. But he comes back with twelve people ready to back Neville as a new leader, so long as Neville gets rid of Franklin. (Ben Franklin? He once accosted me at Faneuil Hall in Boston, so yeah, he is a problem.)

Rachel finally helps Monroe open the gun case, and Monroe saves Charlie from one of the guards. At this point we've got a bunch of different groups of people in The Tower, running around with guns. That's pretty much all there is to know, up 'til the moment Miles and Monroe once again face off, each with his own heavy artillery.

Grace comes out to save Rachel, her Aaron, and Charlie. Grace has her own Aaron, the one from 24. They've got some kind of religious need to keep The Tower safe, particularly Level 12. And they burn Dr. Warren's journal.

And speaking of setting things on fire, apparently there's a one in a billion chance turning the power back on will set the world on fire. Wait, what? Literally? Are we talking all at once, or would it start in one place and spread? 'Cuz I might have to change my vote, depending.

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I just want to add that I find it remarkably funny that people find this site by looking up "tv revolution stupid."