Television: Revolution, "Clue"

We're going the way of Raiders of the Lost Ark by giving Nora a new dress to wear when she goes to meet Monroe. Except she does it wrong. Instead of getting him drunk, she refuses the alcohol. Stupid.

After 21 days of torture, Nora finally breaks. Now Monroe knows about The Tower. Road trip! (Colm Feore should have delivered that line with more "spring break.")

Then the guy who was supposed to execute Nora brings her to the hospital, effectively returning her to Miles. So that she's able to warn him that Monroe knows everything. He in turn demands that the guy who brought Nora back—he was one of the people who worked with Rachel et al. on the project, but I can't remember his name—take him to The Tower, too, since Monroe (& Flynn) are already headed there.

Oh, and Jason takes time to meet with an old Militia buddy. Who apparently as "a job" for Jason.

Miles, Nora, and really just more people than should reasonably fit in a helicopter, stop at an old airfield for fuel and fall victim to the Plains People's particular form of justice (in short, they find the pilot murdered for tresspassing—but why not just suppose it would be that same guy who brought Nora back? or Jason, as part of his "work"?). Well, that's just where suspicion begins to fall when a dying team member manages to at least indicate that it was not a local. Therefore, by process of elimination . . . It must be one of their own.

I guess that's why this episode is called "Clue." (And yet still no Martin Mull.)

Meanwhile, Nora is still suffering from after effects of the drugs used on her during Monroe's interrogation. Having wandered off, Miles goes in search and finds her flat on the ground, her arm sliced and bloody, and her unable to remember what happened. Which means it can't be her. Because that's too easy.

Bloody knife found in Jason's pocket! And he's a known liar. Which means it probably isn't him, either.

The knife is stamped with AMD, as in Annapolis, Maryland. Fingering Henry as the culprit. (Turns out Monroe's people have his wife.)

Jason is the one to shoot Henry and save Miles in that fight, btw. But we lose that ex-project worker guy in the process (the one who brought Nora back); Henry kills him.

Oh, and over here? Rachel has killed a Militia guard and taken on the uniform, and now she's snuck into Monroe's tent with a grenade. Hooray!

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