Television: Revolution, "The Longest Day"

Ugh. Is there anything worse than a lame love subplot? One that starts with the woman coming on to the guy and ends with her saying the next morning, "This was a mistake"? I'd say not, except there's also the whole Aaron-in-the-notebook thing, so I'm hard pressed to determine which is worse.

As for Miles and Nora—they were lovers once before, right? Isn't that their back story? So why should we be surprised, or even very interested, if they fall into bed together again? It seems like the writers, once again, are looking for ways to "layer" the stories, ways to up the tension. But they're going for all the obvious plots.

As for Aaron and Rachel, they have evidently spent the entire night with Aaron going, "Why am I in this notebook?" and Rachel saying, "I don't know."

And Rachel's broken leg? Good thing she took those nanites out of Danny after he died.

Monroe sends a couple fighter jets that fire missiles into the Rebel-Georgia headquarters, or encampment, or whatever it is. From 300 men to 30 in short order. And Charlie and Jason are missing. As Monroe's troops close in, Miles deduces there must be a mole that gave away their location. But who has time for that when he and Neville must make nice at least long enough to work together find their respective family members.

Oh, and get the survivors down to the boats.

Jacob (that's not his name, but that was his name on Lost, so that's how I always think of him) convinces Monroe to take a break and go have a drink with the boys, just in time for an assassination attempt. Coincidence?

This Week in Flashbacks: Seven years after the blackout, Rachel turns up in answer to Miles's summons (though he was looking for Ben). He wants to know if Ben—or Rachel—can get the power back on. Rachel throws his "Butcher of Baltimore" nickname in his face. Bad dialogue fills us in on his and Rachel's fling.

Monroe's paranoia kicks into overdrive. How did the assassin know he would be at the bar? How did Jacob escape being hit when he had nowhere to cover? If you guess this ends with Jacob dying, you're right.

Charlie manages to dig herself out of the rubble. (They'd found Jason some time ago but then been distracted by something shiny. Or bad guys. One or the other. Shiny bad guys?)

Rachel being a bitch as usual. Aaron slack-jawed as usual. Neville and Jason squabbling as usual. (At this point I'd had some rum and was beginning to tune out.)

Miles saves Charlie from a not-so-shiny bad guy (though his sabers were shiny). But then he can't find Nora. Seriously, this guy can't keep track of his women? How's he supposed to lead an army?

Monroe is shocked to learn the assassin, found to be a Georgian spy, was actually acting alone. Jacob has died in vain.

Stupid Romeo-and-Juliet subplot involving Charlie and Jason . . .

Best line ever: "God, you're useless."

Monroe has Nora, btw.

And unless Miles can do something brilliant, President Foster of Georgia will surrender to Monroe.

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