Television: Revolution, "The Love Boat"

Remember The Love Boat? I loved that show. Saturday nights, right before Fantasy Island . . .

Okay, but this show. Not really as much fun, despite dynamite. And did Miles just chloroform Martin Mull?

"General of my nuts"? Really? Who writes this stuff? I'd like to think Giancarlo Esposito could think up better stuff on his own. (Unless that was ad libbed. If so, he sucks.)

Anyway, the story at the moment is that Miles is a kind of honorary general (for Georgia) and he's also king leader of the rebels. And now President Foster of Georgia has also hired on Neville. Who brings Miles news of some kind of anthrax plot on the part of Monroe.

Neville tries to make nice with his son. It doesn't go well. Because the writers feel the need to keep the tension wires taut. (At least, they think they're making things dramatic, but it's all a bit overwrought.)

Oh, and Rachel and Aaron are still wandering around and haven't eaten in four days. Neither one of them is likable, and theirs is the Worst. Plot line. Ever.

And this is where we came in, with the Martin Mull thing.

Turns out Miles is no better than Monroe, kidnapping a doctor (not really Martin Mull, more like a bargain basement version of Paul Giamatti) and his family just as Monroe had done. Charlie and Nora are disgusted (by Miles's behavior, not by fake Paul Giamatti) and threaten to leave.

Of course Aaron and Rachel end up caught stealing food and then are threatened with capital punishment, except Rachel shoots first and wins. Then they run, and Rachel falls (pride goeth) and breaks her leg. She begs Aaron to leave her; it's more important that someone get to the Tower and Finish. This.

A routine inspection by Monroe officers of the boat Miles & Co. are holding the doc on . . . ends up being just more false tension. Though it does pit Neville against Charlie, forcing Miles to step in and threaten Neville should he ever lay a finger on his niece again. As if Miles ever needed more reasons to threaten Neville. ::shrug::

And then Charlie and Miles argue about letting the doctor and his family go. Charlie finally locks Miles into one of the boat's cabins. And Jason chloroforms his dad. Jesus, really? Was there a sale on chloroform this week?

Long story short, Charlie and Nora and a few supporters hijack the boat and reunite the doctor with his family. Not really the best episode of the Love Boat I've ever seen. Especially after Neville gets free and starts causing trouble again. And then Miles and then lots of guns. Same story every week, just a different setting.

But of course Miles and Charlie and the doctor and his family get away safely. And Neville comes back to base camp really angry. And then, because the writers decided they needed to get some sex into the show, Nora and Miles have a moment.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Dr. Farraday's Warren's notebook includes a clipping about a young Aaron, somehow proving that Aaron must be the one to go to the Tower and turn turn the power back on.

Finally: horrible, bloody death in a mysterious elevator. Say goodnight, Gracie?

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