Adding to My Collection

It's Thanksgiving. It's also Hanukkah. And it will be my birthday in a couple more weeks besides. And then Christmas.

So anyway, for Hanukkah I received a couple more Tarot decks. And I have enough of these now that I feel I should maybe start keeping a list. Because this makes ten. Here, then, are my decks in order of my having bought/received them:

  1. Mystic Faerie
  2. Harmonious
  3. Renaissance
  4. Mystic Dreamer
  5. Pamela Coleman Smith (Commemorative)
  6. Paulina
  7. Hermetic
  8. Shadowscapes
  9. Old English
  10. Victorian Fairy

I use the Harmonious deck each day; I draw three cards each morning and write them down, though I can't say I've seen any correlation in what the card say and how my day goes on. Shadowscapes is my next most-used deck. And then sometimes the Renaissance or the Pamela Coleman Smith deck or the Paulina. I don't like the Hermetic one so much because it always seems to foretell doom and gloom. I'll ask it some optimistic question, and it will effectively answer: "Oh yes! It's all going to be wonderful! And then it will fall apart and crumble around you and leave you alone and unhappy." This is its answer for everything. I could ask this deck whether I should have eggs for breakfast, and it would respond this way.

You're probably wondering why I have the Hermetic deck then. Well, I collect decks as much for their art as anything. And I was attracted to this deck because (a) it is very different looking, and (b) the designs include the astrological and planetary signs associated with each card. But as cool they look, I don't use them for anything. They're just too bad tempered.

Anyway, the Old English and Victorian Fairy decks are the newest ones. I've only just begun to get a feel for them, so we'll see how they behave. If nothing else, they're nice to look at, nice additions to my collection.

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