Television: AHS: Coven, "Burn, Witch. Burn!"

LaLaurie's Hallowe'en festivities are, well, horrific. And spur her daughters to wish their mother dead. Unfortunately for them, their mother overhears and locks them in the attic for a year-long sentence.

So, you know, when these girls are reanimated by Laveau, they've got more than a few bones to pick.

Meanwhile, Cordelia is off to the hospital after the acid attack from last week. The end result: Cordelia is blind.

The Bible-thumping neighbor boy that Nan likes so much (Luke) is felled pretty quickly by the zombies, prompting Nan to go out and attempt to save him. When LaLaurie also tries to go out to her daughters, Zoe points out her daughters are dead. "Do you want to be dead too?" Zoe asks. And LaLaurie uses the moment to quote some Hamlet: "'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd."

And Fiona is wandering around the hospital, taking drugs she steals from medicine closets, and bringing stillborn babies back to life. (Not sure what the point of that was. Are we suddenly supposed to find Fiona more sympathetic as a character? Is this the "motherhood" episode?)

And then we go full-on zombie flick with the chainsaw and everything. And when that stops working, Zoe is able to stop Laveau with a single spell.

When Hank comes to visit Cordelia in the hospital and takes her hand, she "sees" his infidelity. Things aren't looking so hot for Hank.

Back at the ranch Witch House, it's corpse-burning time! Luke is holed up inside the Academy with his zombie-inflicted injuries.

The Council moves to force Fiona to abdicate as Supreme, the idea being the Council will rule the coven until the new Supreme appears. (Zoe?) But Fiona accuses Myrtle of being the one to throw acid in Cordelia's face.

And so Myrtle is sentenced to burn.

As an aside, Witch Couture is really kind of awful. They just dress really, really badly.

Also, the CGI flames were totally lame.

Turns out Queenie unwittingly aided Fiona in framing Myrtle. (Well, she knew she was helping Fiona, just didn't realize she was helping send an innocent woman to her death. Was Myrtle innocent?) But it's all good because Misty finds Myrtle's burned body—evidently no one feels the need to bury her, or even cover up the fact they killed her—and can bring her back to life. (Is this to be Madison's fate at some point, too? What other reason might the writers have for keeping the body around? Except, of course, to give Spaulding creepy stuff to do.)

Coven so far has lacked the tension of Asylum, I think perhaps because it has cast so wide a net and tried to spread itself out too much. There are too many characters, too many stories. Asylum built up so well because it had a laser-like focus. Not just in that it was primarily set in the one location, but there were fewer characters so that each also benefitted from that focus and development. I can only assume all these threads in Coven will eventually be wound into one big ball of yarn or whatever, but on the whole, watching this season has been less fun and less chill-inducing than last.

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