Television: Almost Human, "Skin"

Here's what I've decided about this show, based on the first two episodes: It does small things really well, but the episode plots themselves bore me. I mean, first there was the Syndicate thing, now it's sex bots . . . Whatever. Neither one of these held my interest. But there were moments that were good. Like Kennex and Victor (though how was that woman so okay as she left the police station? she should have been a crying wreck) and Kennex going to see his partner's son. (Okay, maybe this should just be a futuristic Kindergarten Cop . . .)  But really, Almost Human is going to need more of the, er, human (emotional, humorous) bits to keep me watching. I'll give it another one, maybe two, because I know sometimes shows do a lot of plot-driven episodes before starting to really sink teeth into character; they do this to try and net as many viewers as possible before the show gets too confusing for people to step in midstream. But if they can't springboard off the dull stories, I'll have to bid adieu. Much as I like the chemistry between Kennex and Dorian, if they don't expand it past a couple good moments per hour, it won't be worth my time.

As for this episode, Chobits did it better. But, uh, for those wanting some kind of recap: Women are being abducted from parking structures and their DNA is turning up in these sex bots. Turns out the kidnapped women are being skinned so the bots will provide a better, more realistic experience. I'd have been fine with this if there had been some scantily clad men bots. I mean, sex goes both ways, right? Why shouldn't the sex industry then? And what about the homosexual clientele?

Maybe there were men and I missed them. I wasn't paying that close attention because, as I mentioned, I didn't find the whole of it all that diverting. We'll see if it does a better job of holding my interest in the next outing.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I've decided to stay with ALMOST HUMAN -- unless they stray from the nice touches. I finally left FRINGE in the last season -- it just seemed to lose touch with itself for some reason.

M said...

I tried Fringe in its first season but just couldn't get into it. I'm worried I may end up feeling the same way about Almost Human despite my love of Karl Urban (and the fact I think Michael Ealy is cute). It will need more of those good moments to sustain my interest.