Television: Revolution, "Come Blow Your Horn"

For good or ill, it appears Miles and I think alike: "Where did they get dogs?" I really have to wonder. I mean, I saw all those German Shepherds and was like, "Unemaciated dogs. Is someone breeding and training them somewhere?"

Well, and then it just so happens Charlie had a dog whistle. For all those dogs that aren't around. (Except that episode last year. But seriously, we never see dogs anywhere. They've probably been eaten or something. The ones that haven't gone feral that is.)

Whatever. This episode was less about dogs and more about

  • Aaron and Cynthia getting caught and handed over to Dr. Horn.
  • Dr. Horn's deep-seated need for psychotherapy after a traumatic childhood and his resulting severe maladjustment.
  • Monroe wandering off . . . Though if he wants to know where his son is, shouldn't he stick around in case Miles is still alive.
  • Really drudging emotional stuff regarding Gene's having turned Aaron in to save Rachel and Charlie, except Rachel and Charlie are upset he did that, etc. etc.
  • Oh, and Neville finding Allenford's husband (who I guess is also Allenford, but they called him Roger) and talking him into killing her in order to save his own skin. Man, Neville must've been a hell of an insurance salesman back in the day.

Do we all agree that Aaron is really just Hurley from Lost? You know, fat and hairy and somehow a magnet for bizarre luck and circumstances?

Horn began preliminary experiments on Aaron and discovered cuts heal almost immediately. Then, to test Aaron's Firestarter powers, he had some of his men hurt Cynthia. Horn had the wit to leave the room first. I wonder how he's going to gather his data?

Speaking of Horn, flashbacks this week were dedicated to his super-religious upbringing in which his mother died when his father refused to get her medical help, instead insisting that prayer was the only hope. When young Horn got his mother medicine, his father blamed him for his mom's death. Horn went on to tell a drugged-up Aaron all about it because Aaron can totally multitask as (a) lab rat and (b) therapist.

Miles, Charlie, and Rachel were all left trying to figure out how to save Aaron (and I guess Cynthia) and Gene (who tried to placate everyone's anger by sacrificing himself when the Patriots came looking for them) . . . Stuff that will happen next week, I suppose. According to next week's previews "the truth about the power will be revealed." Um, okay. But will they explain the dogs?

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