Television: Sleepy Hollow, "Necromancer"

Kind of a misleading title since Brooks, as the titular Necromancer, didn't play much of a part.

If you remember from last week, Abbie and Crane had succeeded in capturing the Headless Horseman and holding him in an underground Masonic vault, weakening him by shining UV light on him. Now they want to interrogate him. But the only person they know who can communicate with the Horseman is Brooks (who is kind of like that guy in The Prophecy, you know, the one Gabriel forced to stay alive? Chris Walken was awesome in that). They discover ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in Brooks' hidey-hole and discern he is the Horseman's Necromancer.

Meanwhile (a) Irving has been dispatched to get Abbie's sister Jenny, who might be able to help . . . somehow . . . and (b) more Germans are out and about, trying to find and release the Horseman.

This episode featured a huge amount of backstory and flashbacks. Excuse me while I groan about ever more Katrina as we learn that she had been betrothed (in an arranged marriage) to some rich guy named Abraham, who also happened to be Crane's best friend. Jesus, that old chestnut: Two best friends fall out over a girl. I'm also a little confused as to how Katrina's being Quaker squares with this. Was Abraham a Quaker then? Or had Katrina ceased to be a Quaker at this point? I dunno, but as one might imagine, bad blood arises between Abraham and Crane when Katrina breaks her betrothal. And then Abraham ends up killed . . . Only to become the Horseman.

Ah! So now we see why the Horseman has such hatred for Crane!

And that's pretty much the only use this episode has: It answers just the one question. Because at the end Brooks disappears with the Horseman (stopping the Horseman from killing Crane, which goes against Moloch's orders), and we're only slightly more enlightened than when we captured His Headlessness in the first place.

Worse, the bottom line is that Katrina is the key. She is in limbo, being held as a kind of prize for the Horseman once he unites with the others of the Apocalypse and finishes his work. Which means Crane and Abbie are now determined to get Katrina . . . And that means, well, more Katrina. And she is the worst thing about this show.

If we're lucky, they'll catch and release her? Into the light or something? And she'll be gone for good?

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