Books: Tarot Spreads by Barbara Moore and Predicting Events with Astrology by Celeste Teal

More birthday presents . . . Thus far I am very much enjoying the Tarot Spreads book, since it gives me lots of fun ways to play with all these decks I've collected. Did you know you can even use more than one deck if you're reading for a couple? Makes sense, but I never would have thought of it. Anyway, I was getting kind of sick of the Celtic Cross and a simple one- or three-card draw, so I'm pleased to have this book for more ideas. I especially have enjoyed the Guiding Star spread, the Winds of Change spread, and some of the Yes/No spreads.

Meanwhile, the Predicting Events with Astrology book is somewhat terrifying. If I'm reading my Solar Return chart correctly, there's a fair chance I could be violently injured or even die in the coming year. (You think I'm kidding.) Truth is, this book is a bit advanced for my newbie stage of chart reading. And then I get so confused about whether I should be looking at my Natal or Progressed or Return chart(s) . . . I guess I'll need to go back a step and find a more basic book first. I do have The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, and I've found that one very easy to follow. I was looking to move up from there, but Teal's book may have been too big a step. I'm a quick learner, but charts are complicated. Lots of moving parts.

Also, I don't love being told there's a chance I could die. So maybe I'm holding that against this book a tiny bit.

I realize a lot of this stuff can be found online, but I like having books to reference. It's faster, and I'm less likely to get distracted by a rabbit hole of information, chasing link after link through the Internet until I've forgotten my original intent. So at least the books keep me on task. Focused. Which is something you need to be when doing these things.

I have a couple more books coming, will let you know how they are once I've had the chance to peruse them.

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