Candles & Scentsy Update

Okay, so at this point I've had the opportunity to test out some of my new goodies. Results so far:

Much as I love the Poinsettia & Musk fragrance from PartyLite, for some reason the candle (this one an Escentual size) just cannot put out enough scent to make me entirely satisfied. The Cherry Blossom Escentual definitely does a better job, though it still isn't very strong.

I've tried the My Dear Watson Travel Tin from Scentsy in my office, opening it about halfway and leaving it on top of one of my bookcases. I feel the scent comes and goes; sometimes I walk in and can smell it, sometimes I feel like I can't any more. Shame because I really like this fragrance; it's kind of spicy and cologne-like.

In my car I've put up a Scentsy hanger in Zephyr, and it also seems to come and go in terms of smell; I think it has something to do with how warm the car has been. Since Sherlock (my car; he even has the nameplates) stays in the garage, he doesn't get warmed in the sun much. But when he's been parked somewhere for a bit, boy howdy the Zephyr makes itself known.

Winner by far is the Scentsy bar I've been burning in the warmer I bought. The fragrance is Transcendence and it smells great. Plus, even after turning it off yesterday afternoon, my office still smelled fantastic this morning.

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