Candles: Yankee, PartyLite, Scentsy & Others

Okay. My PartyLite and Scentsy are here, and while I haven't yet had the opportunity to try them all out, I figure I should start by enumerating my pre-existing candles. I've touched on some of these in previous posts, but this is a kind of follow-up.

  • Yankee's Australian Oasis—a little fruity in scent for my taste, and it gives me a bit of a headache to burn it for very long
  • Yankee's Green Grass—they seemed to have revamped this to be a darker green and more like the old Riding Mower; I love it
  • Yankee's Fresh Cut Roses—nicer than Pink Blush but can be overwhelming
  • Yankee's Lakeside Birch—I really like this one but can't burn it for as long as some of the others because it is strong and will give me a headache after a while
  • Yankee's Autumn Sky—a new favorite in that I love the scent and it is not too strong; mine's almost gone
  • Yankee's Coastal Breeze—liked it in the jar but hardly puts out any scent at all when burned (and this is in my home office, a closed space)
  • Yankee's Nightfall—very nice, a tad musky; I only have a small one so it's not strong, no idea how a bigger one might do
  • Yankee's Midnight Cove—similar to Nightfall (I also only have a small one of these)
  • La Bougie's Sun Kissed—enjoy the frosted glass and the look of this candle but it isn't very powerful in scent and is slightly more citrusy than I usually like
  • Nature's Wick's Tranquil Waters—love this one from color to scent though it's burning a tad unevenly in the jar

What I have on tap:

  • PartyLite Escentual in Poinsettia & Musk—love this scent and got it in votives last year but they weren't that strong when burning, so I'm curious to see if this larger candle puts forth more smell
  • PartyLite Escentual in Cherry Blossom—kind of smells like candy . . .
  • PartyLite Celestial Lights in Aries—love the smell of this, and my Aquarius candle did put out strong scent last year, so we'll see how this one does (PartyLite's site says they'll be retiring these soon . . .)
  • & a ton of Scentsy stuff so we can see how they hold up to candles . . .

I will let you know how all these do once I've rigorously tested them in my home office. Remember, I do all these in a closed space; results may vary if you're burning any of these in a larger area. For example, the candles I find too strong for my office often get transferred to kitchen duty to cover cooking smells and tend to do well there. (Also, I got some car tins from Scentsy, so we'll see how that goes.) Stay tuned for final results!

ETA: The opening salvo has been this: I opened a Scentsy travel tin in "My Dear Watson" (because I must start there, mustn't I?). At first I only opened it about a quarter of the way but I wasn't getting much scent from it, so I opened it halfway and left it so overnight, and now my office has a nice, spicy smell, something like cologne. But either I've grown used to it or it fades fast because it's less noticeable now than it was.

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