Looking Ahead to 2014

As we wind down the year, I already have a number of projects lined up for 2014:

  • More rewrites on a rom-com I've been co-writing.
  • Finishing the thriller script I've been tapped to write.
  • Finishing St. Peter Ascends and getting the Peter Stoller trilogy published.
  • Writing that television pilot.
  • Continuing work on at least one of several other novels I've been tinkering with.

Busy! I'll be starting the year on a writing retreat in Half Moon Bay; hopefully a running start will set the tone for 2014. Things in motion, as they say . . .

I'm also hoping that one of my current scripts will be optioned and/or move toward production in the coming year. There has been interest from various sectors but nothing definite, nothing signed, and as we know in this industry, it's all talk until the lawyers are involved. I do at least know Adverse Possession will be finished up (they are scoring and coloring now), so that's something.

2013 has been a good year and I hope to continue the trend. I won Table Read My Screenplay and placed pretty well in a number of other competitions and film festivals. It's a start. In 2014 I'd like to keep it moving in the right direction.

What goals do you have for the coming year? Are you looking forward to anything in particular?

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