Television: AHS: Coven, "Head"

So let's see if we can follow all the moving pieces here. The episode begins in 1991, with a young Hank and his father hunting. Pretty easy to foresee that it's not just the average game, but "the most dangerous game" they're after. In fact, I'm not entirely sure of the point of this scene. Do they want us to see that Hank isn't all bad? That's he's under pressure from his father (and the larger witch-hunting organization)? Whatever.

Myrtle and Cordelia have a moment in which Myrtle wants to be sure Cordelia knows she wasn't the one to throw acid on her. (Turns out that was the witch hunters, we learn later.) Then Myrtle paralyzes the other two Council members, takes one eye from each, then dismembers them and implants the mismatched eyes in Cordelia. So now Cordelia can see . . . but no longer "see." (That is to say, her visions when she touches people have gone.)

Meanwhile, in the hospital Luke's mother watches over him and won't let Nan visit. Madison and Zoe make a token appearance this episode to escort Nan into the hospital room. Nan communicates telepathically with Luke, and for a while the mom considers her "a miracle." Until the moment Nan reveals (or Luke does, through Nan) that the mom murdered her husband, Luke's father (can anyone type that and not think "Vader"?), when he tried to leave her for another woman. So Nan gets sent away, and when Luke awakens in the hospital, his mother smothers him with a pillow.

Hank is given instructions to finish off the witches and the Voodoo women in New Orleans—including his wife, whom he was only intended to marry in order to get close enough to kill them all. But when he begins taking on the Voodoo salon—and he does manage to gun down pretty much everyone but Laveau—a gut shot Queenie is able to grab a gun, stick it in her mouth, and blow her own brains out, thus affecting Hank's demise as his brains spatter also.

This leaves LaLaurie's head upstairs in Queenie's room, btw. Fiona had returned it earlier in attempt to ally the coven with the Voodoo clan, but Laveau had dismissed her. Of course, in the aftermath of having her clan decimated, the episode ends with Laveau coming to the coven house.

So . . . Will a big group of witch hunters be descending on New Orleans now? (My DVR cut off any previews.) Is Misty really the new Supreme? Are we finally finished with Luke and his Bible beating mother? And if anyone did burn LaLaurie's head, would it actually kill her? I'm just unclear about this show's rules for immortality.

Also not terribly fond of the fact they killed the dog.

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