Television: Almost Human, "The Bends"

Anyone with even a modicum of sense had this figured out in the first few minutes. So to endure an hour of the main characters trying to solve it only made me worry that cops are really stupid in the future.


And then the show committed the sin of doing the "24 Hours Earlier" bit. God, that's overused. Worse, though, here we didn't really care how Rudy got there or why. So to take us back 24 hours as if to build suspense only made us roll our eyes and sigh. Oh, we've got to live through all this now too?

Also, bad CGI on living sushi.

And next time, don't cast an obvious bad guy as the bad guy if you're hoping it will surprise anyone he's a bad guy. Casting fail.

Why is Minka Kelly even here? I feel like she has better things to do than this show. Like, you know, grocery shopping or something.

What's really kind of sad and frustrating is that the episode was beautifully directed, and Rudy had that one great moment when he described his work, but on the whole it was just such a stupid, obvious plot that it sucked any enjoyment out of watching because we were slogging toward a known and predetermined ending. So for as lovely as it all looked, it was almost agonizing to watch (though I saved my sanity by turning at least most of my attention to playing Bejeweled on my iPhone).

Step it up, gentlemen. You're gonna have to do better stories than this.

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Roland D. Yeomans said...

I did like Rudy's explanation of why he was so good with his chemicals. I am hoping, like you, that the stories become more in-depth and well written. Though you are right: the direction was well done.