Television: Almost Human, "Blood Brothers"

A guy named Ethan Avery is on trial for killing a man named Dr. Fuller. There are two witnesses in protective custody, but the safe house is compromised and one witness is murdered while on the stand. The other escapes—and she's a "medium psychic." This is apparently a side effect from a Cerebellex procedure.

Anyone else thinking twins? Particularly given the episode title?

Or maybe more like clones.

But at least our team of police folk are smart enough to ask these questions as well. And Dr. Fuller had been involved in early work on stem cell cloning; after cloning was banned, he redirected his career to reproduction and fertility.

Ooh, and maybe Ethan Avery and his clone have some kind of telepathic link too.

After being attacked and landing psychic girl in the hospital, Kennex figures out Avery's people are monitoring police comm channels and that's how they're getting information.

Minka Kelly (her character is actually named Valerie, but c'mon, we're all just going to refer to her as Minka Kelly) finally gets something to do. She goes to the Fuller house and finds the link between Fuller and Avery: A letter regarding Fuller wanting to publish research. But of course she had been using the compromised frequency and so she gets grabbed by Avery2, 3, etc.. And then they call and demand a swap: the imprisoned Avery for Minka Kelly.

But then the police use projection technology to try and trick the clones into believing they're getting their primary back, and when the projection fails there is an anticlimactic shoot-out and a van that rolls over and explodes. No more clones. And Avery gets his trial and gets locked up for life.

This episode started really well and then just kind of ground to a halt in the middle and became as utterly predictable as ever. This show has thus far been very uneven and its ratings are sauntering vaguely downward week by week; if it can't get some traction—that is, become less predictable and colorless (because the characters aren't really shining through in a lot of this)—I don't think we'll be seeing much more of it.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I hope it survives. It has enough talent and potential that it has the chance to slowly grow into something fine.

Some shows just take time. Sadly, TV usually doesn't give shows more than an episode or two to prove their worth.

I'm crossing my fingers. :-)

M said...

Part of the problem here is likely due to the fact they've run the episodes out of their original intended order. Almost always a bad sign because it means someone didn't think it was doing what it needed to do in the amount of time . . . I agree AH has potential, but in what I've seen so far, it has only touched on it, not fully realized it. It'll need to move faster if it wants the chance to show what it can do.