Television: Sleepy Hollow, "The Golem"

Remember how Katrina had a baby boy in secret? Crane is kind of fixated on that. And I guess that's fair. But it's like when one of your friends goes through a crush or a breakup—it's all they want to talk about and after a while you get really tired of hearing about it. Even though you want to be supportive and all, you can't help thinking, Geez, isn't there anything else in your life?

Crane calls on our Sin Eater friend Henry Parrish. To, like, nearly kill him. (That is, to have Parrish bring him—Crane—closer to death because that will allow him to communicate with Katrina.)

In a really crooked liminal space, Katrina tells Crane their son is named Jeremy. She tells of having to flee her coven and having to give the baby up to a church, but not before giving him a really creepy doll.

Crane vows to find out what happened to Jeremy. And then must run away before the titular Golem can grab him within whatever limbo they're inhabiting as they chat.

Alas, that Golem then bursts forth from the earth of Sleepy Hollow.

And Irving is showing a distinct decline in his faith in God. This seems like such a cliché but it was handled pretty well here, not too overbearing. And they continue to make Irving a little more interesting with each new episode. Good character building.

Trinity Church is where Katrina left Jeremy. Historical logs show people were afraid of him because he could start fires by crying. He was eventually sent to an orphanage. Meanwhile, the Golem crushes librarian Miss Hudson in her car before Crane & Co can demand more information.

The Golem is the doll, btw. We've all figured that out, right?

(I like looking at Tom Mison, but he gives equal weight and intensity to pretty much everything he says, which makes his dialogue kind of monotonous. Of course, if he keeps looking like that, I probably won't care.)

The stuff going on with Irving is actually way more creepy than anything going on with Crane or Abbie. Maybe because it's more rooted in the natural world, less over the top (relatively).

Golem is looking for the four women from Katrina's old coven, the women who banished Katrina to purgatory. So now Crane, Abbie, and Henry must find these women before the Golem does, and hopefully convince them to release Katrina. But when they find the women participating in a carnival, they tell Crane his arrival foretells their death.

They also tell how Jeremy refused to join their coven so they imprisoned the Golem in purgatory and hexed Jeremy to stop his heart. And because Jeremy's blood gave the Golem life, only Jeremy's blood can stop him. Geez, this show has a thing about blood. And so far we haven't even had any vampires.

Why is this Golem trying to hurt Crane if its job is to defend Jeremy? Crane doesn't want to hurt Jeremy.

It takes Henry a ridiculous amount of time to conclude that Jeremy's blood is also Crane's blood. And why didn't Crane or Abbie think of it either? After trying to reason with the thing, Crane is forced to stab it with a shard from a shattered funhouse mirror—one that is handily tipped with Crane's own blood.

And then Abbie gives Crane a stocking with his name on it. And Crane walks through a mirror into a forest and is threatened by . . . something . . . So what else is new?

I'm starting to get that old feeling that no real progress is being made here. I mean, we found out about the son, and that turned out to be a non-entity. (For now. I'm willing to entertain the possibility that he will return from this hex in some form or fashion.) And now we're back to the usual: Katrina in limbo (yawn, who cares) and lots of weird creatures threatening Crane and Abbie with the apocalypse. Sigh. When is this game going to change?


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I left this show two episodes ago. As a rare blood courier my free time is limited, so if I am bored with a show, I tell myself I could be writing my latest novel.

Also I believe I read where it is only holding the slot for THE FOLLOWING which will soon replace it. This may have changed. I felt that by the time it returned next year, I would have little interest in the storyline anyway.

M said...

I used to love Highlander: The Series and there are aspects of Sleepy Hollow that really remind me of that show. Still . . . At least each episode of Highlander had a story. Some good, some not. I feel like Sleepy is starting to meander.

Gave up on The Following part way through last season because it also seemed to be getting increasingly stupid. But may try it again this season since it appears the game has changed there a bit.