Television: AHS: Coven, "Go to Hell"

I thoroughly enjoyed the faux silent movie start to the episode, which explained the Seven Wonders a witch must perform in order to become the Supreme.

Despite her self-mutilation, it seems Cordelia's ability to see things when she touches them has not returned. Meanwhile, Fiona tells Queenie she (that is, Queenie) must attempt the Seven Wonders to see if she is the next Supreme. Queenie goes to lie down and has a vision of being back in the fast food restaurant, where she's visited by Papa Legba. Turns out fast food service is hell. That's one of the Seven Wonders down (descending into Hell and returning).

LaLaurie dismembers Laveau . . . And becomes a tour guide at the LaLaurie house? (Did I see that right?) Queenie goes to visit her at the LaLaurie House and asks her to release the previous tour guide LaLaurie has hit over the head and tied up in the attic. (Geez, she needs some new moves.) When LaLaurie refuses to repent, Queenie kills her. Because apparently now that's possible.

Fiona is having her portrait painted. Her nose starts bleeding. And she tries to make nice with Cordelia by giving Cordelia an old family heirloom necklace. But after putting it on, Cordelia does begin to have visions. This time of the future, which features the house filled with dead witches . . . All except Fiona. Who, based on the vision, seems to have been the one to kill them all.

Cordelia goes to see the Axeman, tells him that Fiona is going to leave him behind. Tells him Fiona has a plane ticket scheduled for two days hence.

And Cordelia also gets a vision of Misty's whereabouts and brings Queenie out to the cemetery in the dead of night in order to pull the coffin from the above-ground monument in which Madison had her sealed.

Zoe and Kyle return from Florida, and Zoe declares herself to be the next Supreme. Misty comes back to the house and fights Madison. And the Axeman enters swinging his axe, but the witches use collective powers to stop him. And discover he's covered in Fiona's blood.

(Flashback to Axeman killing Fiona. Really long and boring. Sum total: He fed Fiona's body to the gators in the swamp.)

The witches gang up on Axeman and stab him repeatedly.

LaLaurie's hell is to be locked up in her own attic and left to the "mercy" of Laveau, who tortures LaLaurie's daughter—and that is Laveau's hell.

And with Fiona gone, the coven now needs to discern who will take her place. So all the girls must participate in the Seven Wonders to see who will be the next Supreme. Really? This whole season comes down to the equivalent of a teen witch reality competition? Meh.

I have to say, overall this season has been disappointing. The attempt to tie up certain story lines this week felt rushed, as if the writers went, "Oh shit! We need to . . ." They tried to do too much this season, and so did none of it very well because the energies were so scattered. I'll actually just be glad to see this end next week so we can put it behind us and hope for something better next go 'round.

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