Television: Almost Human, "You Are Here"

Taking a page from Elementary, we see Kennex in Anger Management class, where he uses classic deflection techniques to try and convince the counselor and his fellow attendees that he's fine. "Not like Marty over there," who has a terrible life, and if Kennex were him (he says) he would kill himself.

Then there is a really long plot about a guy getting killed, but I wasn't paying much attention. He was maybe mixed up with some bad people, up to no good. And Kennex and Dorian work to protect the girlfriend and her daughter because the girlfriend might have information they need and the bad people want to get at her.

I have to wonder how often they can, and plan to, make Dorian behave erratically (as in speaking Korean). Feels like that's a schtick that could get old fast.

I guess the bad people are tracing the girlfriend. The dead guy has something in a safety deposit box? And the bad people want it? (Seriously, this episode did not hold my attention at all.)

Whatever happened to that group of people from the pilot? And Kennex's ex who was somehow involved with them? I mean, is this one big bad group, or lots of different bad groups?

Actually, I totally don't care.

Oh, the dead guy traded his software to save the girl's and her daughter's lives. (They weren't married, right? Like I said, I wasn't paying attention.) And left the girlfriend a bunch of numbers in a safety deposit box. How charming. I guess.

Was that John Larroquette? Now that got my attention.

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