Television: Elementary, "All in the Family"

We're finally seeing Bell at work in Demographics. He's sent to investigate a sighting of a barrel being wheeled into a recycling plant after hours. Finds a decapitated body. Calls in Gregson, Holmes, and Watson.

They identify the body as Handsome Bobby Pardillo. Or, Watson does, based on encyclopaedic knowledge of the mob. Prime suspect(s): anyone from the rival Ferrara family.

Holmes irritates Bell by offering his services to the Demographics unit. (Holmes, Festivus is over; we won't air grievances until next December.)

Things escalate as the chief Ferrara suspect is incinerated via car bomb. The trail then leads to a Web development company, something to do with e-mails between Bobby and his father. The Ferrara victim had copies of them . . . But how?

Bell asks Watson to tell Holmes to back off. Watson accuses Holmes of trying to force a partnership with Bell because Holmes doesn't like to work with anyone else (except maybe Gregson).

Turns out it was the head of Demographics (Da Silva) that requested the e-mails. He wanted Bobby found. Why? Is he in with the Ferraras?

(Not pizza. Order cannolis!)

Holmes recruits Bell to help figure out whether Bell's boss is dirty. And Bell uses his skill to grab a massive file that proves it. [Lots of chatter about motives and history and retirement, but I tuned out a bit. Bottom line: catch out Da Silva. Which they do.]

Honestly—and I've mentioned this before—mob stories don't much interest me. Not my thing. What made the episode was Watson's enthusiasm, and Holmes's reactions to her extensive knowledge. "Can a Godfather marathon be far behind?"

Also nice to see Bell roped back into the group.

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