Television: Revolution, "Captain Trips"

More Stephen King references. Yay.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to care about anything that's going on in this show. What we've devolved into is a series of raids and missions, all of them very much alike. Someone is being held somewhere; we must go get him/her! There are some supplies locked up somewhere; we must break in and get them! Alternatively, we are stuck somewhere; we must fight our ways out!


This week Gene and Charlie were in the Patriots' camp that is a kind of triage for people suffering an outbreak of typhus. Except we know from having seen the oranges being injected that this "outbreak" has been manufactured. That was a real shame on the part of the writers because Rachel's revelation in this episode had no impact—the viewers already knew.

So anyway, Rachel goes down to the camp to help Gene and Charlie manage the patients, and then they discover the Patriots did it to their own people in order to cull the invalids and mentally ill. So then, of course, Miles and Monroe and Connor are tapped to go find the antidote the Patriots are surely storing somewhere. Except the antidote is not where Gene thinks. (Oh, and Gene gets the typhus too.)

So they inject Truman (Steven Culp) with the typhus in order to force motivate him to take them to the antidote. Which he does, only to have a bunch of Patriots bust in with guns. And that's where we leave that.

Meanwhile, Neville and the missus are trying to figure out where Jason has been dragged off to in the wake of his having broken into the Chief of Staff's office. But he knows the truth . . . And we end up here with another standoff, guns pointed at Neville and Julia.

As for Aaron. He's still in Spring City, Oklahoma. Grace has left. Priscilla tries to leave but the nanotech won't let her (after taking the shape of Cynthia in order to try and convince Aaron to go to Lubbock). And still no sign of a big ball of twine. What an utter letdown.

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