Bath & Body: Nectar U.S.A. and Lush

So on a trip to Vegas a couple months ago, I stumbled upon Nectar U.S.A. They make bath and body products, and as the name implies, the products are made here in the States. (They also have candles! Yay!) I really enjoyed the couple of bath bombs I got from them, but I have to say they left a kind of waxy residue on my person and in my tub. Maybe this was to hold in the moisture or keep my skin soft, not sure, but that was the one drawback to those. However, I had no problems with the foaming bath salts, which I loved and ran out of far too quickly. (I used the scent called "Love.") Also had a Love candle that was fantastic.

Nectar U.S.A. is located in the Grand Canal Shops attached to the Venetian. They don't have a working Web site yet, but you can call and place phone orders. In the shop they have an actual scent station that allows you to mix up your favorite combo!

Next best thing is Lush. Nice thing about this chain is that you can probably find them in a local mall and they do have a Web site as well. I made "mermaid water" from one of their bath bombs + soaps and it was amazing. No waxy residue, either, so I give Lush a slightly higher rating in bath bombs . . . Though, on the flip side, the Lush bomb had little flakes of something in it that required washing out the tub. So . . .

I'm enjoying Lush's Ocean Salt scrub as well, and the Mint Julips lip scrub too. What I especially like about Lush (and I'm not sure how Nectar U.S.A. is on this): no animal testing.

It's not an entirely fair comparison since I only bought the Nectar stuff on a whim and haven't had a chance to explore their entire line. If I were to call in an order, I'd definitely be getting more Love foaming bath salts and another Love candle, but I wouldn't know what else. As for Lush, I could make those bath bombs a habit. I won't know about the scrubs until I've used them a while, though so far they're working well.

As regular readers know, I don't "do" stuff that smells like food, so it limits my options in a lot of these places. Lush's lip scrubs are edible, but the trick for me was to find one I wouldn't actively want to chew off my own lips! That meant Bubble Gum and Popcorn were both right out.

In short, I like both places though for different products and reasons. It might seem like kind of a pain to have to go to more than one place, but I'm the type that's willing to differentiate to get what I really want and what works best for me.

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