Random Stats

Every now and then I like to look at my site stats. A lot of people visit this site, 150 to 200 unique hits a day on average.

Today I decided to look at my All-Time Most Read Posts.

  1. My review of R.I.P.D. (Why? Anyone? I'm far from the only person who thought it was a bad movie.)
  2. My review of the Summerland Concert Tour.
  3. My Matchbox Twenty album art reveal for North.
  4. My recap of Elementary's "The Woman/Heroine" (Season 1 double-header finale).
  5. My coverage of the first episode/chapter/whatever-you-call-it of Parade's End. (The later posts about the doughnuts are way better, guys.)
  6. More Matchbox Twenty: "She's So Mean." (It's grown on me. But my kids still think the song is about me.)
  7. My review of Thor: The Dark World.
  8. My recap of AHS: Coven episode "The Axeman Cometh." ::shrug::
  9. My recap of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "Girl in the Flower Dress."
  10. My meandering thoughts (not really a review) of Wreckers.
As you see, a kind of strange amalgam of stuff. I should do more music coverage maybe? For a while the Train concert from Berkeley was on the list; it only got bumped by Wreckers this past week.

Also this past week? Like, 20 or so hits for Oblivion. What was that about?

Seriously, people, enlighten me. What is it about these posts that draw you in? Then I can give you more of what you seem to like.

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