My iPod Is Trying to Tell Me a Story

Stuck in traffic and here is the story my iPod chose to tell via shuffle:
  1. "Hands All Over" - Maroon 5
  2. "Shiver" - Maroon 5
  3. "Do You Love Me?" - Guster
  4. "Parachute" - Ingrid Michaelson
  5. "Every Morning" - Sugar Ray
  6. "Still Ain't Over You" - Rob Thomas
  7. "Warmer Place To Sleep" - John [Cougar] Mellencamp
  8. "Keep Coming Back" - Richard Marx
  9. "Misery" - Maroon 5
  10. "Don't Let Me Get Me" - P!nk
  11. "Notbroken" - Goo Goo Dolls
  12. "Just Say Yes" - Snow Patrol
  13. "Best Day of My Life" - American Authors
Yeah, I know, there's a huge dollop of Maroon 5 in there, which is interesting since I don't have any more Maroon 5 on my iPod than I do, say, Matchbox Twenty or Rob Thomas. And I have a lot of The Script, too, but they didn't turn up to this party.

I'm a lyrics person, and I also take into account songs' moods and such. As a writer, how could I not? And so when I listen to music, each song tells a kind of story. And when you have a lot of songs telling stories, you kind of start to weave them together into one big story. Or I do, anyway.

I found this particular plot, so to speak, very clear and satisfying (thanks largely to the last song which started as I turned on to my street). It's a love story—most songs are love stories—and it's a story told mostly from His perspective but She interjects a couple times. I like the way She answers his question (Guster & Michaelson) and He works to soothe her after her crisis of confidence (P!nk & Goo Goo Dolls).

Really, it's quite a good story. We start with the power of attraction, move into a deeper phase of the relationship, then go back and forth for a bit until the love in question matures and finds its joy again.

Does you iPod (or other music player) ever tell you sweeping, epic stories? I like it when mine does.

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