Television: 24: Live Another Day, "3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m."

In which Jack spends yet another hour locked in a small room. Honestly, this "season" is rather lackluster. Action and intensity are decidedly absent. There's a chance Jack will finally go do some stuff next week, but it feels like too little too late.

Chloe and Kate work together to upload the flight key of the military officer whose drone went wacko. By examining the data closely—more closely than the military itself had, it seems—they are able to find evidence that the drone had been highjacked. This is supposed to prove, yet again, Chloe's superior hacking skills, I guess. She beats the military and the government at their own games. But as viewers we've come to expect this and are no longer impressed by it.

President William Devane orders all the drones grounded. But Terrorist Catelyn Stark has override codes or something, so six drones fail to respond to the grounding command. Uh-oh. (At least, we hope uh-oh, because we're dying for something to actually happen.)

Mummy Stark has also put a false location or something in the uploaded flight key data. So the CTU or CIA or whatever they are now send a team out. Only to have a drone bomb them. I guess we're lucky the location was out in the middle of nowhere and all.

Mummy is demanding that the president meet her at a time and place of her choosing, else she'll unleash the rest of the drones on London. Turns out the stealth technology is so good that even the military can't track their own drones, even if and when they've been highjacked by the enemy. I wish I could say this was plot contrivance, but it's probably pretty true to life.

Other minor moments: Jack and Mole Rat Audrey meet again. Mummy kills Wannabe Sansa's husband.

Overall, the show has been rather static. Not a lot of movement. Previews of next week show that Jack's request to be sent out into the field—he has a line on an associate of Mummy's—are granted, and he takes Kate with him so he can impress her with his stoic heroism. What a first date, eh? But we're almost halfway through this half day, and there's not a lot to show for it. Even Dave Barry has sat out the last couple episodes, and that's saying something. If even Dave can't find something to poke at in this . . . It's pretty dull indeed.

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