Television: CBS's New Shows (Fall 2014)

Firmly established as "the old people's network," CBS will continue to cater to them by giving them more of what they love. No, not Jell-o. CSI and NCIS. And actors old people fondly remember from about 20 to 30 years ago. (Still love you, Scott Bakula. Really, I do.)

Here's CBS's slate of new offerings.

Not as many as ABC, but then again CBS has been doing really well. They may not skew young but they catch eyes. And they'll have Thursday Night Football, too.

And in CBS's defense, they do get young viewers for their comedies and reality programs. It's the dramas that aim older. You'll note, though, that CBS has added only two new comedies, presumably since the others are doing so well. Also only four new dramas, again because their slate is already pretty solid.

So let's look at a couple of these:

Scorpion - A possible attempt to go a little younger (and still keep the old guys' interest)? Fits CBS's preference for procedurals, sets up a conservative/establishment versus "those young whippersnappers who know computers" dialectic, and has a token old guy actor: Robert Patrick.

Stalker - Dylan McDermott lost no time jumping the Hostages ship as it sank. Another procedural, this one kind of in the SVU ilk as it focuses on, hey would you lookit that, victims of stalking.

The McCarthys - Looks like it will fit right in with the Thursday comedy lineup.

There are others; go check them out for yourself if you're interested. Right now the only thing I watch on CBS is Elementary, which after tonight's finale will return October 30. Whether I try any of the new fare will largely depend on what other networks are showing at the same time(s); I have a limited amount of time for television, so I'm pretty selective.

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