Television: Fargo, "Eating the Blame"

Malvo gets himself picked up by Grimly and handily makes Grimly look bad in front of his superiors. While Grimly insists this is the droid man they're looking for, Malvo does his best bumbler impersonation and puts on the guise of Frank Peterson, a minister with a bingo alibi. I mean that literally: His alibi is that he was hosting bingo night at his church. And it checks out.

What, you ask, about the evidence? Well, that all comes down to one photograph that it decidedly too grainy to rely on. Malvo walks and moves on to the next order of business: plaguing Milos. Again, literally. After the bloodbath shower, Malvo infests Milos' grocery with locusts (or crickets at least). Can the slaying of the firstborn be far behind?

Oh, and we get the backstory of Milos' money: He found it. In 1987 while stalled in the frozen wastelands, Milos prayed to God and was led to where this suitcase of money was hidden. Which means, of course, that it belonged—belongs—to someone . . .

Meanwhile, Lester gets tossed into a car trunk by Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench. One would think they'd come up with other ways to do these things, but one sticks with what works, I suppose. Out they drive to the frozen lake but as Mr. Wrench digs the hole, Les steadfastly refuses to admit to Mr. Numbers that he murdered Hess (cuz, you know, he didn't) and tazers Numbers and gets away. A police officer refuses to give Les a lift back to town, so Les punches him to get himself arrested and safely locked away. Or so he thinks.

Cuz Numbers and Wrench have another idea. They get in a fight in a bar and get themselves arrested too.

The episode concludes with Numbers and Wrench joining Lester in holding.

It doesn't seem like a lot happened, but all of it is entertaining enough and well enough done that one doesn't mind the show taking its time with these things.

And why do humans see more shades of green than any other color? Predators. How does that answer Grimly's question? I suppose Malvo means to say it's kill or be killed out in the jungle of the world . . . He can lie like that—camouflage himself— because the alternative is to be eaten alive. And Malvo has set himself up to be the predator rather than the prey.

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