Television: Fargo, "Who Shaves the Barber?"

Solverson survived the shooting, though she's out a spleen.

Malvo goes to Fargo to find the guys trying to gun him down. After all, the best defense is a good offense. (It helps to have utterly useless FBI and police people on the scene.)

Chaz is successfully framed and Lester spins a story for Bill that Bill is all too eager to eat up. He just wants his quiet little town back.

Lester also bangs the Widow Hess.

And Molly [Solverson] returns to find the Bemidji police, with help from Lester, have put the puzzle together all wrong. She's right, of course, but there's something about her that makes me unable to cheer her on. Can't quite put my finger on it.

I also wish Grimly would man up in some way.

I don't feel at all sorry for Chaz, either.

Three episodes left.

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