Television: NBC's New Shows (Fall 2014)

I don't think I even watch anything on NBC any more, not since giving up on Revolution (which NBC then gave up on as well). I used to watch The Office and 30 Rock and Smash, but those are long over, so now . . .

Here's what NBC is hoping will lure me back come fall. I have to say, the staged photos don't tell me much, nor do they particular inspire me to click through.

Let's see . . . Constantine? I remember the Keanu Reeves movie, only have a passing acquaintance with the comic book. Which is more than many people might have. Is NBC right to bet on the trend of comics becoming hot properties? Or are they more betting on the trend of snarky Brits (this one's Welsh, actually, I believe) versus more grounded and rational women (Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, the forthcoming Forever)? Looks like they're pairing this one up with Grimm. For better or worse, Fridays stand to be horrifying on NBC.

NBC also seems to be bent on recycling actresses: Katherine Heigl (formerly of Grey's Anatomy), Debra Messing (of Will & Grace, then Smash) and Kate Walsh (also of Grey's and then Private Practice) are all returning. Remember when SNL had that joke about shows called Deaf Judge and Idiot Doctor? Well, now we've got Bad Judge. I'm really starting to fear Mike Judge's Idiocracy is happening.

Not that I don't think these women deserve to keep working. It's nice to have women leads in so many dramas. I just have my doubts about these particular shows.

David Duchovny will be back at some point, too, in Aquarius, a show focusing on the Charles Manson murders of the 60s. And Craig Robinson from The Office will be headlining his own comedy.

These are just a few of the offerings; check the site for the full scoop. NBC really stocked up this season on new fare. We'll have to wait to find out if any of it sticks.

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