Lavender Olive Oil Soap from Carmel Valley Ranch

This is just an aside. I've written about LUSH and such, and I do have a ridiculous weakness for soaps and bubble baths and bath bombs and lotions and . . . Well, anyway, I recently stayed at Carmel Valley Ranch, and they have some of the best soap I have ever come across in my life. Which is saying something when you consider how much soap I've dealt with in my not-inconsiderable number of years. I mean, besides the regular, daily interactions with soap, I also actively seek out soap in out-of-the-way places. That's a lot of soap.

I love the Carmel Valley Ranch soap so much, I called the gift shop and had them FedEx me three bars. It smells amazing, it feels amazing, it is as close as I've ever come to the perfect soap. The bars are . . . Bigger than what you get in the hotel rooms but not as large as a full-size bar of soap. They come wrapped in wax paper and twine, which is so adorable I almost hate to unwrap them. Almost. Right now I can hardly wait to bathe. I'm trying to decide whether to keep one bar wrapped and sitting on my desk just so I can pick it up and sniff it occasionally. (Hey, if soap is my drug of choice, I'm doing okay.)

At $16 a bar, the cost is steep, but I've decided this soap is worth it. I'll just try not to use it all up in one go. It will be difficult to restrain myself, but at least I do have a lot of backup soaps in my arsenal. If I were a dragon, I'd probably hoard bath products. And candles.

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