Television: Limitless, "Bezgranichnyy"

Ah, Limitless. You've joined the ranks of television shows trying to force a relationship. One of my peeves. But this program is so good I can almost overlook it. Depending on how badly they attempt to shoehorn this in the future.

You'll recall (maybe) that Brian took off at the end of the last episode. He's on the hunt for fellow NZT guinea pig Piper, and he tracks her to Russia. She's trying to synthesize her own version of the immunity shots Morra's team used to give her, but she needs a final ingredient and convinces Brian to help her steal it.

There's a lot I could openly wonder about. Like, if they have enough info to blackmail a higher-up into releasing them from prison, why can't they also use that to leverage the ingredient they need rather than coming up with some convoluted burglary plan? But hey, taking NZT probably means you need constant stimulation, so maybe the plan thing is just more fun.

And this is where the relationship thing comes in, too. Brian and Piper of course end up in . . . something. But while the writing on this show is on the whole really, really good, they didn't sell me on this. A show that's done so well building every other relationship, and this was just thrown together. (Right up there with the undercover cop a few episodes ago, though that bothered me less.) It's like the network gave the show a blanket note: "More Sex."

I'm no prude, and there are plenty shows that have a lot of sex and it totally fits the characters, the writing, the plots, etc. Here it just feels off.

Meanwhile, the FBI is frantically search for Brian, who at least sends periodic texts to Rebecca to let her know he's fine. She tries to tap his family but gets bawled out by Papa Finch. Yet later Rachel arrives at the FBI office to "help" by confirming the agent Brian helped that night in his apartment was Sands.

And Sands, well, he's sent a photo of Brian and Piper together with instructions to, more or less, sic 'em.

The noose tightens.

It's such a good show, which is why I'm being nitpicky. I wouldn't bother if it weren't otherwise so fabulous. That's the problem with something really good; the flaws stand out all the more. And you can argue the sex thing isn't a flaw. I'm sure for plenty of people it's fine. But for me, there's just something about it that doesn't sit right. (And no, I don't think Brian and Rebecca should be a couple, either; that would ruin things too.) I can't quite put my finger on it, but sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

I do wonder, too, if Piper isn't up to something else. At least if that were the case I might could retroactively give the relationship thing a pass . . .

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