Television: Limitless, "Close Encounters"

This show is so good.

A biological agent causes a blackout in New York that has the government wondering if they're dealing with something extraterrestrial. Brian and Rebecca end up in quarantine together, where Rebecca takes Brian to task for his hidden stash of NTZ. They fight and, upon release, Rebecca arranges for Brian to work with Boyle until a new handler can be assigned to him.

As for that secret stash, some of it is missing courtesy of Brian's sister. She previously saw him take it and took a few of the pills to show Mom and Dad because she's worried. Mom flies off the handle and more or less disowns Brian.

So the upshot is: Brian has been abandoned on all sides.

Oh, and one of Brian's bodyguards (the one that likes the sister) asks the sister for a description of Sands ("an undercover agent who visited Brian"). The plot thickens . . .

At the end of the episode, Brian leaves Rebecca a note saying he's off to do . . . stuff. That will help and/or make things better.

This episode had such great tension. Something not a lot of shows can manage these days. As my husband pointed out, Limitless is "first season of Alias good." Rapidly becoming my favorite show.

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