Television: Limitless, "A Dog's Breakfast"

A case of the title giving it away. And I had the culprit fingered first thing. Not that the story of the week was the big draw in this particular episode anyway.

So Brian is back from Russia, and the FBI clamps down on him by giving him 24/7 babysitters and moving him to a desk on the open floor where he can be watched at all times. No more HQ! either.

Then a case rolls in. A wealthy man who'd recently undergone a kidney transplant has been murdered, and said kidney removed.

Look at the title of the episode. Got it? Now, the dead man's wife has a dog. It's not difficult to connect the two, right?

So let's just scrub the whole bio-printed kidney story, the black market organ donor tangent. Because we all know where this is going.

Meanwhile, Piper makes contact with Brian via a weird code message on his phone. (I also had that figured out before Brian did, and I don't even take genius drugs, so I do feel like the writers were falling down on the job here.) And then we find out Mr. Y, which is one of Brian's new babysitters, actually works for Sands and/or Morra. He takes Brian to Sands for an immunity shot, and Sands tells Brian that he's been reassigned or some such. Which is weird and interesting considering we last saw Sands staring at a photo of Brian and Piper together. So shouldn't Sands be putting a bullet in Brian or something?

And then somewhere in all this, Brian finds blood and one of Piper's bracelets in his apartment and he realizes Sands and/or Morra has found out Piper is alive and, if not killed her, at least taken her into custody. Brian goes to Morra and begs for mercy on Piper's behalf, but Morra had no idea Piper was alive. And now it becomes clear Sands is setting up his own NZT team because, with the immunity drug Piper has developed, he can do that.

Of course, we're all assuming Piper's drug works . . .

And Rebecca is getting tight with Mike and Ike regarding whatever Brian is up to. Is he in league with Sands and Morra? Boyle gets suspicious and demands to know what Rebecca is holding back, so she finally spills it to him, too. I can't help thinking this is a mistake, but I guess we'll see.

Limitless continues to be one of the best shows I'm currently watching, though I do sometimes worry it won't be able to live up to everything it's building toward. We're sliding toward the end of the season, so . . . We'll see how things shake out. I just hope they have a plan, else this is going to get dotty pretty quickly.

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