Television: Scorpion

I'm way behind on my television. Life happened and . . . Television ended up being something that could give. So in order to get back on track with these postings, I'm going to do multiple episodes in a go. In Scorpion's case, we'll talk a little about "Da Bomb," "Fractured," and "Adaptation."

Previews for "Da Bomb" promised more Walter awkwardness in the form of his trying online dating. We remember that he'd failed at speed dating, and it's really no surprise he fails at the online version, too. Scorpion has made it almost too clear that Walter and Paige belong together. And the insistence on pushing Walter's lack of personal skills to almost unbelievable proportions is starting to wear thin.

In this instance, the date goes worse than one might expect when the date shows up at the warehouse the next morning with a bomb strapped to her chest. A lot more awkwardness ensues, and the bad guy is very obvious from the start. But at least Walter then decides to stop trying to date. Sigh of relief.

"Fractured" sees Walter and Toby fighting so much they end up having to go see Penn Gillette (guised as Dr. Rizzuto) for counseling. The fighting thing seemed somewhat abrupt to me, but whatever. Then a big earthquake hits and the team scrambles as it goes into emergency mode. Sylvester is out with Ralph, Toby and Walter are doing their thing . . . It's weird, though, that in the next episode L.A. is not still recovering from all the damage. I dunno, whatever. At this point I'm barely paying attention any more.

Which takes us to "Adaptation." Walter and Toby still in counseling. Toby and Happy in a relationship that is, if possible, worse than when Toby was just yearning for Happy. I mean seriously, it's almost impossible to stomach. It's so over the top and just . . . Bad. This stuff is killing the show for me.

The episode itself is about drug cartels using drones to deliver drugs from over the border. An interesting idea but tough to make exciting. So they shoot someone none of us really cares about and make Happy and Sylvester do field surgery. And that's when we learn Toby is tracking Happy through her phone, which is so . . . Ugh. Maybe I'm overly sensitive about it. But I've had stalkers, so . . . Yeah. Yuck. Drop him now, Happy.

I just am not loving Scorpion these days. There are more things about it that annoy me than interest me, which is the real problem. I'm trying to push through to the end of the season, but my attention is waning rapidly.

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