Television: Elementary, "Render, and Then Seize Her"

I suppose I'm naturally primed to enjoy anything that features Steve Winwood as a major clue. (Did anyone else think it was "Pie of Love" as a kid?)

Uh... Let's see. A woman is kidnapped. She and her husband run a post-production company that is bleeding money, and the husband is on the brink of divorcing her. And there's a prenup. So of course all signs point to the husband (who also refuses to share key info with the police because he says he's following the kidnapper's orders so he can get his wife back), which means the husband didn't do it.

It's pretty clear that, when dealing with video people, and video of the parking lot where the kidnapping occurred is key to the case, that the video will be unreliable. And—to continue in that line of logic—it means it was an inside job. Because you'd need someone who could manipulate the video and also had access to it. Right?

Whatever. You can take it from there, I'm sure. Meanwhile, Plot B was about how Gregson's girlfriend Paige (Virginia Madsen, now also seen on Designated Survivor) wanted to hire Holmes on the DL to look into stuff going on at her doctor's office. You may or may not remember that she has MS. Anyway, Holmes clears that up fairly easily but then realizes Paige is going broke due to the expense of her treatment and lack of insurance coverage. Or maybe she has insurance but it's not very good? I dunno, I wasn't listening that closely. Anyway, Holmes promotes marriage to Gregson as the answer to this particular problem. At which point there is a ridiculous amount of people saying, "You?! Suggesting marriage?!" which seemed really over the top. I know Holmes has expressed contempt for the institution of marriage in the past, but not as vehemently (to my recollection) as everyone acted like he did. I mean, if it were that Holmes said every time they dealt with a married couple, "This is why marriage is ridiculous," then I'd get it. But he doesn't. So chill, people. Geez.

All in all, it was a cute episode, nicely balanced between the two plots, and fairly engaging overall despite the somewhat predictable crime/resolution.

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