Television: Elementary, "Worth Several Cities"

Holmes is abducted by a street gang and pressed into finding out who killed one of their smugglers. In return, they promise to find out who sold bad heroin to one of Holmes' friends. Then the whole thing spins off into a story about an ancient Chinese artifact, and once Ron Rifkin turns up, you know he's the bad guy because, hey, Ron Rifkin.

In truth, I had a hard time staying interested.

Also, Watson continues to help Shinwell, the guy we met last week. She finds him a place to live and then tracks down his daughter, though as it turns out he does that on his own, too. I realize this story line is meant to be part of Watson's character development/arc but, oh my God, is it dull. There was Alfredo for Holmes, now there's this guy for Watson . . . Why can't we get some fun characters for a change?

Ratings continue to slump, and if the show keeps on with its dirge-like pacing, they'll only slide further. Elementary is starting to feel too heavy, and you know what heavy things do—they sink.

"You're No Fun Anymore"

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